Terms of use

I. Content of the Service

1.1 These Terms of Use contain the conditions for using information society-related services (hereinafter: Service) available on the pages of Tikpornsex.com (hereinafter: Website).

Service provider: the website operator, Tikpornsex.com.
User: everyone who enters the Website uses the Service.

The operation of certain parts of the Service is in accordance with CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society. Act (hereinafter: Elkertv.) is considered an intermediary service. The Service Provider, as an intermediary service provider, is Elkertv. in accordance with its provisions, it does not check the content of the information made available within the framework of the Service and does not look for facts or circumstances that indicate the continuation of illegal activity.

1.2 By visiting the Website and using any element of the Service, the User accepts the Terms of Use. The Service Provider is entitled to modify the Terms of Use unilaterally, and informs the Users about the modification in the section of the Website containing the Terms of Use. After the date of modification of the Terms of Use, the User accepts the modification of the Terms of Use by visiting the Website and using any Service.

1.3 The essence of the Service is to make available the copyrighted content of the Service Provider or a third party designated as the author directly or by referring to materials published by other content providers (via direct (deep) links), etc. The purpose of the Website is to inform Users interested in the Website subjectively, without the need for completeness, but as widely as possible, in topics that fit the theme of the Website, in this way, products, services, events, etc., published on the Website. presentational, subjectively evaluative content (hereinafter: Service Content). In all cases, the Service Contents reflect the author’s own opinion and contain selected information in accordance with the nature of the content. The Website may contain advertisements.

1.4 The Service Provider reserves the right to modify or eliminate all or any element of the Website, to change its appearance, content, operation, or to place advertisements or other content on it without prior warning.

1.5 The Website is available to anyone without registration. The Service Provider is entitled to make the availability and use of some Services subject to registration.